Friday, September 30, 2005

Ellam therintha Ekambram-Part 1

In a remote village called Mayavooru there were lots of innocent farmers. If they had any doubts they would ask Ekambram mama. Ekambram is a living encyclopedia. Ekambram solves all strange questions of the innocent villagers by giving explanations. The people would queue in front of his house even before he would wake up to report all the unusual things happening around them.

As usual at the dawn the villagers went out for their farming. As they were going they saw a quick moving, zig-zag thing. There was only one way to find out. Ekambram mama was the one to tell them what it is. They all went to Ekambram mama's house to find out. When they reached there as usual Ekambram mama was studying. When Ekambram mama opened the door they were all saying we saw a saw a quick moving, zig-zag thing. Ekambram said show me that thing and I will try to find out what it is. When they reached there it was still there and Ekambram said it is a beauty I am going to try and find out what it is. Ekambram then went home and he studied overnight and finally at 05:30 he said, "Here it is it is a konaca manaca kutti". He then went to the farm and told them what it was a konaca manaca kutti. They were all happy and started saying he has done it again.

The end

Can you guess what the konaca manaca kutti is? Then give me your answer. I will say the answer on Monday or Sunday.


Ansh said...

ha ha ha if I guessed it right...konaca manaca means zig-zag in tamil...looks like your ekambram mama made it up;)

Jeevan said...

What Sri you have given a difficult question. i don't know. What is it konaca manaca means? pls tell.

Nalin said...

I am not Ekambaram. So, I do not know everything, leave alone the answer to this question!

Sri said...

A konaca manaca kutti is a

Random Access said...

After a nice little story, you are giving me a hard time with the puzzle, and in search of an answer, when I come to the comments, what do I get? A blank to fill in!

Cant wait for the answer :)

Btw, the access wasnt random, it was directed by someone who isnt as kind as you when it comes to word verifications :)

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

PreethZzZ The Original said...

lol RA... :P I can tell my cuz to add the word verification thing as well! ;)
Konaca Monaca Kutti is something that caused Ekambram mama very little sleep! ;)

Jagan said...

i cant answer your question ..i wonder what i learnt in enginneering course ..i think its time for me to go back to college :-((

Anonymous said...

Ekambaram Mama, here Sri,

This is just impossible. I am here in a very very remote village and still working very hard to answer all the strange questions from my friends in various villages.

How come you stumbled on this strange creature that I happened to witness many many years back. Do you have snakes in your backyard ? Have you touched them and felt their skin. I haven't. I just stop with my comments, that is it. Thanks for a very nice story and many many thanks for mentioning my name in your blog. Do you think that I should also blog, Sri ?

With affection,
Ekambaram Mama.

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Durga said...

It's a snake